Resume & Client Feedback


Jason has had the pleasure of working with many talented collaborators and clients over the years.  Several of them have taken the time to thank him for his services.  Here are a few of those messages...



Having access to your talent for this project for as long as we did was a Godsend. Your fingerprints were all over both the Jordan and D’Arcy pieces and your touch in edit is unmistakable. Thanks for contributing all that you did.


Tim Hays

Coordinating Producer - ESPN's Enterprise Feature Unit



I just wanted to say thank you for your tremendous efforts all season.  It was a real pleasure to get to work with you week in and week out.   I feel very strongly that our features are the best in the business, and you are a huge part of that.  I can’t thank you enough for your patience, persistence and understanding.  You are among the most talented editors I have had the pleasure of working with and I look forward to continuing to do so.


Benjamin Webber

Senior Managing Producer - ESPN

Hi Jason,


I Just wanted to say thank you for all of your work on this VERMONT story.  I just watched the Vimeo this evening and you guys are crushing it.  It's really powerful.  Keep it up man!


John Barr

Investigative Reporter - ESPN

Hey Jason,

Congratulations!  We've been nominated for an Emmy in the documentary category.  We're up against some of the most amazing things I saw on television last year.  Thanks again for all your hard work.  I couldn't have done it without you.


Dan Arruda

Feature Producer - ESPN 



Thank you for all your efforts on the story these past two weeks.  I can't thank you enough for everything.  Tom Rinaldi told me the family watched the feature on site and really liked it.  It was really well received from the people I've heard from.  I really enjoyed working with you. 


Jon Fish

Feature Producer - ESPN

Hi Jason,


It’s a wrap!  We’re all set with the video.  Thank you again for all of your help on this project.  The client is extremely happy - and so are we!  Until our next collaboration...which I hope is very soon!



Nikke Landa

Agency Producer - Adams & Knight, Inc.

Hi Jason,


I wanted to pass along some exciting news...our Michigan State entry won a Peabody award!  CONGRATS!!! 


Nicole Noren

Producer - ESPN



Thank you--again--for your outstanding work.  Grateful for your expertise, talent and hard work.  Love working with you. You're a pro's pro.


Gene Wojciechowski

Reporter - ESPN



Thank you again for all of your help.  I will never be able to repay you for what you did on Saturday.  Jose (Morales) called me yesterday and said, "You and Jason could have quit at 2AM and called it a night, but you stayed and made it great. That is why both of you are very good at what you do."


Kristen Lappas

Producer - ESPN Films



I’m very happy to share with you that your outstanding work as the editor for the Pat Tillman project last year was recognized, as follows, in the Sports Emmy nominations announced yesterday:


"Outstanding New Approaches – Sports Programming," for the “Enduring Guilt” package


It was a pleasure to work with you on the project and its success was a great credit to you!


Willie Weinbaum

Producer - ESPN



Twitter is blowing up!  Thanks so much for all your hard work.  I truly enjoyed working on this with you.  Thanks for caring so much!!


Nancy Devaney

Producer - ESPN



We were nominated for a Webby Award, buddy!  All thanks to you and your hard work.  Really big deal, man.  We're going up against the BBC's Olympic Coverage in our category.  F*cking insane!


Matt Doyle

Executive Producer - Big Brick Productions

Hi Jason,


I wanted to let you know our “Big Thrills” commercial is a finalist at next week’s Brass Rings Awards at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions Expo in Orlando.  This is the Academy Awards of our industry and we’re up against other venues worldwide.  Just to be a finalist is a big deal!


Ron Gustafson

Director of Public Relations / Marketing - Quassy Amusement Park



I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated you working with me this afternoon.  You really have taken quite a load off my mind going into the weekend.  You have a tremendous work ethic and attitude.  That counts for a lot with me.


Bob Bateson

Partner - Two Guys in Jackets



Thanks for all you did this week!!!  You care.  That's a great thing.  I know you worked a lot and must be tired.  Take it easy this week weekend!


Jeff Olsen

Owner - Northern Lights Communications, Inc.



Holy sh*t!  This is awesome. It's perfect.  Great job on the video!


Joseph A. Guerrera, Jr.

President - Guerrera Construction Company, Inc.



I love it...outstanding!  I'm super excited about this program!  The mood captured at the close is perfect.  I love the use of music cuts and transitions between journey points.  I'm really looking forward to showing this!  Great usual.  You're a very talented guy!


Kevin Doyle

Manager, Restaurant Operations Development - Friendly's Ice Cream, LLC

Hi Jason,


I wanted to let you know I was at Home Depot headquarters in Atlanta this a.m. and presented the spots.  They loved them!!!  Great job.  Thank you!


John Dalton

President - Dalton Enterprises, INC.



We have a HUGE winner!  Bob Alvine and his entire staff love the new look. This is very classy for a local auto dealer - looks national and presents the message in a positive way.  This could not have gone better.  Thanks. You really came through for me. 


Bob Bateson

Partner - Two Guys in Jackets


Thank you for squeezing us in during your vacation time on Monday.  I truly appreciate all of your efforts on behalf of our company.  The product that you and Northern Lights produces is amazing, especially considering me as the guy on camera!  You are miracle workers!

Robert J. Alvine
President/General Manager - Premier Subaru, LLC



I wanted to let you know that the teases we did over there for the MLS playoffs have received numerous compliments and the MLS will be airing them in the stadiums during the Semifinals this weekend.  Thank you very much for the great work! 


Darryl Greene 

Senior Producer - NBC Sports Washington

Dear Jason,

Thanks again for a thoroughly professional job.  Well done!  A pure pleasure working with you and I will give you business and recommendations any time you need them!


Joanne Kimball
Senior Vice President, Strategic Planning & Research - Adams & Knight, Inc.



Wow! These are great commercials...Love them!  Awesome job!  The CEO was very impressed with your work!  Look forward to working with you soon on more spots in the near future!


Samantha nook

Regional Manager /Marketing Department - The Sawyer & Butler Schools



I just got off of the phone with the client who is thrilled.  She asked me to send a standing ovation from her to all involved.  Thanks again for all the work. 


John Cook

Vice President, Creative and Strategy - BlueStar Communications Group

Hi Jason,


As always, thank you for your work on this.  I really appreciate it. 


Tom Rinaldi

Reporter - ESPN



Thanks for the tremendous work on this.  Great profile!


Michael Baltierra

Executive Editor - E:60

Dude (to producer Jose Morales about a piece edited by Jason),


Got a look at your piece tonight.  Fu*king awesome.  I don't think there was one thing I didn't like about it.  Wicked bro, wicked.


Martin Khodabakhshian

Senior Producer - ESPN



A big THANK YOU for everything — I really enjoyed working with you, appreciate your care, expertise and flexibility with the hours and changes, etc.


Willie Weinbaum

Producer - ESPN



Thanks again so much for all of your skill and time.  You put a lot into this one.  This piece definitely wouldn’t be what it is without you and I think we put together a good one.


Simon Baumgart

Feature Producer - ESPN



Thank you for all the hard and creative work.


Ben Houser 

Executive Producer - ESPN



Whoah. This was a surprise.  Just got a message I want to share with you: 


Good afternoon and Happy New Year!  I'm happy to share that Mental Health America has chosen to award ESPN Outside the Lines the Mental Health America 2015 Media Award, for the network's reporting on the Sasha Menu Courey story.



Nicole Noren

Producer - ESPN

Hey Jason,


I Just wanted to say great stuff on the MSU piece.  I know that took a lot of hard work and little sleep.  These are the pieces that make a difference!


Jason Kostura

Associate Producer - ESPN



Getting so much good feedback!  A testament to you and how the piece felt and was paced.  You do great work!


Kristen Lappas

Producer - ESPN Films

Tisha, Andy & Jason,


Just want to congratulate you on the Rochester project.  I know there were many long days and nights spent on getting this pulled together.  But, I must say, it was all worth it.  This was a great example of tremendous reporting and production.  The digital piece, alone, got nearly 3 million page views. Wow. Just wow!  Thank you for all the hard work.  I'm so proud of the way this team rallied, took all the feedback in stride and produced one hell of a watch! 


Carolyn Hong

Coordinating Producer - ESPN

Tim, Carolyn, Jason, Chris and Nicole,


Dozens of folks at all levels had input into our work yesterday and it was a team effort, but I do want to specifically thank five behind-the-scenes people who shone in video and text edit – Tim Hays, Carolyn Hong, Jason Morris, Chris Buckle and Nicole Noren.  Folks, when you came in to work Friday morning, you all had no idea you’d have to turn around multiple versions of this piece to air and publish the very same day.  It was a heckuva long day, perhaps one of the longest in some of your careers, but the product was worth it.  a shining showcase of the investigative reporting and story telling we ARE capable of producing.  This is serving our audience at its finest.


Dwanye Bray

Senior Coordinating Producer - ESPN



A few words of thanks...Jason Morris, our editor, is simply an animal; his tireless efforts were something to behold.


Mark Fainaru-Wada

Investigative Reporter - ESPN

To each and every one of you: 


Thanks for stepping up this weekend to produce a timely, compelling hour of storytelling.  It was entertaining, emotional, informative & smart -- Sixty minutes that mattered.  I understand the personal sacrifices that were made to make it happen.  Thank you for your very best.


Andy Tennant

Executive Producer - ESPN

To everyone on this email:


Thank you for your hard work, quick response and willingness to help.  Today is a landmark day for our journalism.  We should all be proud.


Ben Houser 

Executive Producer - ESPN

Adding Jason Morris (to group e-mail):


I don't think many people know how many long nights Jason pulled ... how patient he was... how hard he worked.  He was a rock star who made this piece look and sound beautiful... as terrible as the subject matter was.  Thanks, Jason!


Carolyn Hong

Coordinating Producer - ESPN

From group e-mail:


Got a note yesterday from a former colleague at ABC News some time after 6PM.  He said the entire ABC News room was riveted and watching the MSU coverage and features on Sports Center.  This is a newsroom preparing for their 6:30 evening news broadcast and historically not very interested in sports matters.  A small anecdote that shows the  power and importance  of your work.  The whole country is watching. 



Executive Editor - E:60



Tremendous job on a powerful, emotional story today (Heart of a Tiger).  So well told, shot, edited.  You guys did those families and that boy proud.  Thanks for all your hard work over the past couple weeks and the tight turnaround to get the footage from this weekend, made GameDay look really good today.  Awesome job.


Drew. Gallagher

Coordinating Producer, ESPN

Paula, Nicole and Jason,


I know all the compliments have been circulating for days, but I have to tell you that I wanted to step back tonight and watch entire show again, just for fun and for perspective.  The reporting of course is phenomenal and it turns out the pieces are simply great TV!  Paula your interviews were great and your tracks were never better.  And Nicole, you and Jason really did a fantastic job in edit!  It moves and it was an absolutely riveting watch.


Tim Hays

Coordinating Producer - ESPN



You should all be proud of the reporting and storytelling...proud of the high-end edit and production...proud of the collaboration and way the content is spread across our digital and social platforms.


I'm proud to work with such a dedicated and passionate team.


Craig Lazarus

Vice President, Original Content & Features - ESPN

Twitter Post about Keanon Lowe Feature Story: 


An amazing story and person.  This one is worth sharing with your friends.  Excellent work by SCOTT HARVES, GENE WOJCIECHOWSKI and editor Jason Morris.


Jose Morales

Senior Coordinating Producer - ESPN

Owner/Producer/Editor/Camera Operator,  2024-PRESENT



Dynamic, creative and deadline-driven professional with over 25 years experience in all aspects of media production. A Peabody, 2 Edward R. Murrow Awards and multiple Emmy winner, proven to be a creative and effective Producer, Editor and Videographer working in the television industry; with the ability to work both independently and collaboratively, with all members of the production team.




       • Edit various projects ranging from high energy teases to hard hitting feature stories

       • Manage and organize projects with various crew sizes, both on set and in post-production

       • Camera Operator for commercials, training videos and promotional content

       • Notable clients include:  ABC, ESPN, DISCOVERY CHANNEL, HISTORY CHANNEL and FRIENDLY’S

Producer/Editor/Camera Operator,  2003-2024


Producer/Editor/Camera Operator,  1995-2003

       • Edited mission profile videos for the Aerospace Industry

       • Edited commercials, training videos and promotional content for various clients

       • Camera Operator for rocket launches, commercials, training videos and short films






       • Post-production:  Avid Symphony, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Media Encoder, Adobe Photoshop, iZotope RX & iZotope Ozone

       • Production:  Sony, Panasonic and Blackmagic Design cameras, various audio and lighting equipment


2023 National Edward R. Murrow Award Winner - College GameDay - Meechie and Michigan

2022 National Edward R. Murrow Award Winner - SC Featured - A Father's Resilience

2021 College Sports Media Awards Winner - Outstanding Special Feature - Blood Brothers - College Gameday

2020 Emmy Winner - SC Featured - Outstanding Sports News/Feature Anthology

2019 Emmy Winner - E:60 - Outstanding Sports News/Feature Anthology

2018 Peabody Award Winner - ESPN - Crisis at Michigan State

2018 & 2017 Emmy Winner - College GameDay - Outstanding Studio Show - Weekly

2016 The Mental Health America Media Award - Sasha’s Story – OTL, ESPN

2016 First Prize – Sasha’s Story – National Awards for Education Reporting

2015, 2014 & 2013 Emmy Winner – College GameDay – Outstanding Studio Show - Weekly

2011 New York Festivals Best Sports Coverage Award - Silence is Golden - OTL, ESPN 



Nominated for 27 additional National Emmy Awards, 2 Webby Awards, 4 College Sports Media Awards and 1 PRISM Award.

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